Mon. Jul 15th, 2024
#Pig Trotters

It literally means pig’s feet.

When boiled for a long time, it turns gelatinous and becomes soft, and contains proteins such as collagen. It is often sold boiled.

I would like to introduce it to you all. The other day, I discovered something that was being sold as a Korean-style side dish.

This dish is made by boiling pig’s trotters and adding a sauce made from soy sauce, ginger, etc. to the bottom of the pot. The meat quality and texture are completely different from regular pork. The crunchy texture is excellent. Recently, spicy pig’s trotters have also become popular. It is an irresistible snack for those who like to drink, and is also popular as a late-night snack.

(Quoted from the “VISIT KOREA” website)

I found it at this store. (Note the sale date)

I found some frozen pigs’ feet. On another day, in another store.

The POP says that it is a must-see and must-eat for anyone who wants beautiful skin.

Give it a try.

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