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#Katsdu don
sweet onion

Kanda’s famous “Asahiken” pork cutlet bowl.

A long-established taste that has been made for about half a century.

Even I have been going there for over 20 years now.

The word “かつ” in “katsudon” sounds the same as the Japanese word “勝つ” (win), so in Japan, “katsudon” is considered an auspicious food.

The katsudon at this restaurant is made of hot rice topped with pork cutlet , egg and sweet onion.

Asahiken kanda Tokyo
The main features of this restaurants katsudon are the unsweetened egg and the green laver topping

Even now, the second generation continues to preserve the flavor of the previous generation, without leaving it to the third generation.

This is the true character of Kanda people. That is the kind of town Kanda was originally.

Why not come here and experience the “Kanda” atmosphere?

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